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Spes. About Us.

por | Abr 18, 2024 | 0 Comentarios

We aspire to build a platform that fosters civic mindfulness and helps to improve the quality of the discussion in the public realm, especially but not exclusively in the Spanish-speaking world.

We aspire to build a community animated by hope, by the willingness to approach the truth, and by the firm determination to defend human dignity and celebrate human life in all its stages and manifestations. We are also committed to promote freedom and democracy as always imperfect, but always desirable forms of human development.

We believe that thinking is only fruitful when it searches for the truth, and we understand intellectual work not as a solipsistic exercise but as a vocation of service, a calling that is actualized through different activities as teaching, tutoring, writing, and the generation of diverse quality content.

We want a platform that allows us to learn and discover: to discover authors, ideas, music, etc.: Everything that is noble in the universal humanist heritage. We are not interested in winning arguments, but in learning. We are not interested in humiliating anyone and that is why we will defend the truth with humility, kindness, and sympathy. We are not afraid to make fools of ourselves. We do not aspire to look or be sophisticated.

The following principles summarize the spirit of our magazine:

Ethical principles:

  • Welcoming spirit: Radical openness. To do everything with everyone, to win everyone over.  (Cf. Cor. I. 9.22.) As long as they respect our principles, all people are welcome, even if they don’t think the same way we do, or if we don’t like their criticisms. We are radically open. We are flexible in the forms but steadfast in the principles. We are always willing to innovate as long as we maintain the quality and truthfulness of our contents.
  • “Many are the gifts…” (Cor. I, 12.) Different people have different gifts and talents; all people can collaborate in building our platform, whether as readers, as creators, as counselors, as promoters, and so on.
  • “Charity urges us.” [caritas urget nos] (Cf. II Cor. 5, 14).
  • Do not think of all that we lack, but of all the good we can do. (Pope Francis, homily Palm Sunday 2020) There are plenty of people better prepared than us and with greater spiritual, intellectual, and monetary resources to carry out a task such as the one we are proposing. Let us hope to find them and add them to our project. However, for the time being, it is up to us to start. And we have everything indispensable to start the project modestly, like a seed, but with noble and great sights.

Principles of style:

  • No boring content.
  • No shameful contents.
  • Truthful, verified, and charitable content.


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