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They forgave me

por | Feb 19, 2021 | 0 Comentarios


A nurse from a French hospital was running down the corridor. In the distance, Professor Mauricio Martinez was walking towards the exit of the building.

—Professor, what are you trying to do?

—My family forgave me. I must go to Mexico to be with them. 

—Sir, you are in no condition to take a flight. Your operation was delayed for November 5th and until then you must stay in bed.

—No, I can’t wait that long. By then the food will be cold.

—What about the plane he has to take to get there? You’re delirious from the anesthesia, sir. You’d better calm down.

—I’ve been living here for more than thirty years and I’ve never visited them. Filthy country. Filthy idiot family. I wanted all that to be as far away from my destiny as possible. To hell with Mexico.

—You were young. Don’t beat yourself up about your past. You’d better think about how to fix your future. And for that you must first recover.

—Guadalupe, that’s the name of the little daughter of my younger brother. And he already told her about me. She knows who I am. She even made me a special present she wants to give me. She’s very skilled with her hands.

—What if she talks to you on the phone tomorrow? She’ll tell you all about it later.

The nurse led him by the arm to his room. Suddenly, the alarm sounded. The staff rushed to the patient’s room. The nurse suspected that someone had already reported Mauricio missing. 

—Don’t worry, I have Mr. Martinez here. The anesthesia is causing him delirium and he went to the hospital entrance. 

When he arrived at the room, the body of the professor was lying lifeless on the bed, and the spirit he had detained was already on its way to the altar waiting for him in Mexico. 

YakamÍ Machado

YakamÍ Machado

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