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When Mexico started the war

por | Feb 19, 2021 | 0 Comentarios



—Get up! The bell rings. The priest is calling to mass.

—What? But have you seen the time? Why is he calling us?

—It must be something terrible.

The husband looked at his wife, caressed his head and embraced her tenderly when he saw her tremors.

—Calm down.

The husband and wife and the rest of the people arrived at the parish of the town of Dolores. The woman trembled and held her husband’s hand tightly.

—What’s the matter with you?

—Did you see who is there?

—Well, the priest, who else?

Few knew that the gods had become angry with the priest for wanting to change the necessary course of history to rescue the king of Spain. Therefore, they banished him from the earth and, as punishment, put in his place a former prisoner to lead the people in a bloody war. Everyone, except the woman, listened attentively to what that impostor (called Sisyphus in old times) commanded. 

YakamÍ Machado

YakamÍ Machado

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