While it rains

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By Irene González-Hernández

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Have you stopped and listened to the rain?
Its rhythm… its cadence…
its continuity… its subtlety…
Can you venture the fruitfulness hidden in every drop?

Speak Lord, in the wisdom of Nature!

Mercy hides in every drop 
safeguarding the opportunity of future life…

Each drop smashes 
into every corporeal thing 
with a dose of reality.
Each tender drop, 
in unity with the storm,
reveals a power of order and renewal…
And my sensibility shifts 
as I feel the drops hitting my face…
And I am open to discover 
the treasures hidden in smallness. 
This time, in the smallness of a drop.

With this watery caress You renew the earth, 
and as I acknowledge this miracle,
I am reminded of how 
Your grace cleanses my soul anew.

Water that allowed my growth and existence…

Holy water of baptism 
that allows the hope of my salvation…

And I pray for those who live
amidst a drought of the water that saves. 
And specially, for those 
who ignore their thirst for the living waters. 

True life that only You can give.

Let me be a drop swallowed in the ocean of Your grace.

Rhythm… pace… stillness…

Let me drink anew of Your peace.

Irene González Hernández

Irene González Hernández

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