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It has been five years since Alberto decided to become a poet. He wanted to leave the rough world of advertising and design. This was thanks to the fact that he rescued a photo of his late mother, where she appeared lulling him with poems by Antonio Machado and Xavier Villaurrutia. He explored the depths of his experiences, read books on mythology and history from all over the world and found some symbolism that he developed during a whole collection of poems.

His goal was not to send his texts to contests. He did not trust the judgments of those elites and governments whose prizes seemed to have already been arranged in advance. He decided to jump straight to the people and put together a whole performance on his social networks. However, he soon realized that, as a writer, he didn’t generate the hook for people to pay attention to him. Moreover, his writings seemed an anachronism with respect to the trends of the literary market. He was a dull boy who had a happy childhood that does not sell or is not usually preserved in today’s scholarly libraries. 

He decided to invent a character: Albermus. A sordid son of a prostitute who had to sell drugs to pay for his studies and read most of the dilapidated books in public libraries. His years of advertising had to be worth something.

The success was immediate. The stories of this character were very attractive and brought instant traffic. He soon saw how this avatar had brought him out of anonymity and made him an interesting person for all kinds of outreach materials. 

One night, while writing an autobiographical book for a publisher who contacted him, he realized he was out of coffee, and went out to buy a packet at the store. No one attended to him. Everyone ignored him as if he were a ghost. He returned intrigued and admired to his horror that Albermus was in the room rewriting the book.

YakamÍ Machado

YakamÍ Machado

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